You In Blue | A Guide for the New Cop

You in Blue

A Guide for the New Cop

You are starting your career as a cop. What are the ethical and practical realities of policing a complex community? What are the opportunities and threats? This book serves as a guide for recruits, their trainers, leaders, or anyone in public safety who wants to work intelligently.

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You In Blue | A Guide for the New Cop

If you want to survive and thrive in policing during turbulent times, this book is for you.

Changes in Police Training

The winds of change are finally blowing across the modern police landscape offering us the promise of a more contemporary apporach to some rather entrenched internal policing issues as well as a number of external societal problems.

The four topics you’ll learn

  1. Academy life and street realities
  2. Intelligent tactical responses.
  3. Arming yourself with emotional training.
  4. The warrior agenda.

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Sample Pages

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You In Blue | A Guide for the New Cop

About the Authors

Gregory Saville
Gregory Saville

Gregory Saville is a criminologist, urban planner and former police officer. He specializes in SafeGrowth for neighborhood safety and police training.

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Gerard Cleveland
Gerard Cleveland

Gerard Cleveland is a lawyer, educator and former police officer. He specializes in mental health training and emotional intelligence for police officers and other professionals.

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You In Blue | A Guide for the New Cop

Reviewer: Robert Lunney, Chief of Police (Ret.)
Blue Line Magazine, October 2015

"A handbook for prospective recruits, police trainers, coach officers and front line supervisors, it fills a long-standing gap in police educational materials at the entry level."

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